The skin benefits from what Nature offers.Anmin Comsetic Treatments embodies the result of most advanced cosmetics research made of precious and fine anti age like Gold, Amber, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera.All products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin type, also the most delicate and sensitive ones.

The inestimable power of precious stone.

24 Carat Gold

24-Karats Gold Noble metal, known since ancient time for its extraordinary beneficial properties, gold is considered by alchemists a natural source of vitality and youth and nowadays its use has became more common inside modern anti age cosmetic composition.The 24- Karats Gold Flakes inside Anmin Cosmetic Treatments incredibly revitalizes and brightens skin, attenuating expression lines, for a healthy and even look.
This remarkable active principle harmoniously compounds splendor and vitality, becoming an undeniable skincare ally.

24-Karats Gold Skin Benefits:

-Brigthening and aging process retardant action

-Tonification and elasticity increase

-Draining and anti-cellulite effect

-Deep hydration and nourishment

-Skin barrier function stimulation and anti -free radical action

-Purification and regeneration

-Energy booster

-Anti-inflammatory and lenitive effect

-Hyper pigmentation prevention and attenuation

Baltic Amber

Also knows as “Northern Gold”, the Baltic Amber is an ancient resin appreciated since Neolithic period, as talisman and has long been used for therapeutic purpose.
Valuable time capsule holding the true life essence , DNA primordial traces, withstood centuries and centuries to arrive now as our beauty secret.
Well known are the beneficial effects on health and psycho-physical well- being, among them cellular metabolism improvement and damaged cells renovation, and thanks to them Amber is currently easy to find in cosmetic compositions.
Occurring in a range of different colors, from yellow, to orange and brow , Amber owns the regenerating, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties to the main ingredient, Succinic Acid.

The fragrance

A delicate and seductive amber fragrance, suitable for both women and men, captivates the 5 sense, marks each Anmin Cosmetic Products.
Soul is restored and gains new energy.
con nuova energia.